Insane Bonnie
Insane Bonnie extras.png
Colors: Blue, Red, Orange
Species: Bunny animatronic
Starting Location: Stage

Insane Bonnie is one of the main antagonists in Insanity.


Insane Bonnie's appearance nearly resembles the appearance from Withered Bonnie in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He is blue, with a red bow tie, and has no face or arm. Insane Bonnie's lower jaw and endo jaw are covered in sharp teeth, which his endo also has orange eyes. Insane Bonnie's torso is all torn, showing the endo body underneath. His fingers are replaced with sharp claws, and his costume feet are missing, revealing his endo feet.


Insane Bonnie starts on the Stage, which then proceeds to the Dining Area, Hallway 1Hallway 2, Insanity Insane Bonnie goes active on Night 1 and on.


  • Insane Bonnie's appearance is nearly the same as Withered Bonnie's appearance.



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