Insane Freddy
Insane Freddy extras.png
Colors: Brown, Orange, Black
Species: Bear animatronic
Starting Location: Stage

Insane Freddy is one of the main antagonists in Insanity.


Insane Freddy is a brown animatronic bear, which wears a black top hat, bow tie, and 2 buttons which are on his chest.

The end of his fingers are replaced with sharp claws, aswell with his teeth in his upper and lower jaw. 

Insane Freddy's costume feet are also missing, making the endo feet visible, aswell as the endo parts visible through the tears all over his body. His left ear is missing. 

His eyes are pitch black with glowing orange iris.


Insane Freddy starts on the stage, along with Insane Bonnie, Insane Chica and Tophat.

Areas which Insane Freddy can access are:




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