Insanity 2: BASEMENT
Released: Cancelled
Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Platforms: Windows
Website: Official website
Download: Gamejolt

Insanity 2: BASEMENT is the last cancelled re-design of Insanity 2.


This house has been empty for... What, 23 years?

It sure has been pretty long.

Yet the things you're finding here... they sure haven't gotten less creepy as the years progress.

They've definitely gotten worse.

And the things you've never seen before are even worse than the things you remember.

But... the question is: Can you put these pieces together?

These horrible, horrible pieces.

Animatronic models - TJ DiDio.

Room models and Ideas - Blackout.

Coding - Salvage.



  • This is the fourth cancelled game in Insanity series. The first one is being Insanity 2 (2015), the second one is being The Insane Misadventures of Freddy n' Co., the third one is Insanity 2 (2016) and the final fifth is Insanity: Remastered.
  • This is the only game in Insanity series that was going to feature free-roaming mechanic.
  • Toy Chica, Puppet and Toy Foxy were never received a withered counterparts, were might unknown animatronics/unreleased withered toy animatronics counterparts will be received a cancellation of a game as a creator known Toy Chica, Puppet and Toy Foxy will receive withered counterparts.
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