The Office is the main area the Player goes through the nights in and the must survive in from 12AM to 6AM during the 5 nights.

Office empty.png
Cam: N/A
Animatronics: All


The Office has a black and white tiled floor, with an old computer to the left of the room that has a keyboard and monitor along with it.

In front of the player is a doorway, which is the only way into the office. Like in FNaF 2, the Player would shine a Flashlight into it to check for any animatronics. In front of the player will also be a desk with a Fan on it. The ceiling has hanging wires and stars. To the right of the player will be a broom leaning against the wall. 

On the wall next to the doorway are papers pinned to the wall.


The office is where the player will start in once the night has begun. They can scroll left and right the office, and use the Flashlight to check the hallway. If an insane animatronic would be there, the player will have to open their Monitor to get rid of them, or the turn off the Fan.


  • It's appearance nearly references the Office from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • Yellow Bear was originally going to appear on the left side of the office, like Golden Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • Characters were originally going to hide away at the end of the hall upon the player using the flashlight against them.


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